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Virginia Commonwealth University Course

The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU-RRTC) announces an online certificate course in “Open Employment Placement and Support Strategies for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability.”

This four lesson, nine-week online course will provide participants the knowledge and skills that will enable them to improve their ability to use evidence based approaches to assessment, job development, job site support, and ongoing maintenance to improve the job placement and job maintenance rates for clients with an intellectual disability. At the end of the series, participants will be able to:

  1. Develop assessments plans and conduct situational assessments, work trials, to determine client preferences and identify the training and supports an individual may need to be successful in a specific job.
  2. Implement evidence-­based approaches to program marketing and job development
  3. Deliver effective job site training and support to ensure that clients are able to complete their jobs to the satisfaction of their employers.
  4. Provide long term client maintenance supports that will enable clients to retain employment in jobs that continue to meet both their needs and the needs of their employer.

Participants will be able to interact with United States and Australian experts, as well as their peers, while completing the readings, activities, and assessments for each of the four lessons. Participants will be required to devote approximately 20 hours to the class over the nine-week course and complete four short assignments. Individuals successfully completing all four lessons will receive an international training certificate from the VCU-­RRTC at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The VCU-­RRTC has been recognized internationally for its 30-­year history of research, training, and dissemination of information regarding the placement, training, and ongoing support of individuals with disabilities in the open labour market. Currently, the Center operates over 25 online courses each year for over 1,500 professionals throughout the United States, as well as Europe and Australia.

Please note that this course is not currently running. A series of video presentations are being produced and more information on this will be published once available.