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All of Jobsupport’s services are rated 5 stars. 5 stars is the highest rating and recognises employment outcomes of 40% or more above the national average.

Exceptional Outcomes

Published government data can help people with a disability, and employers, to make an informed choice between services. This data consistently shows that Jobsupport is the best choice for people with moderate intellectual disability and for employers seeking an employment support service with strong retention results.

Jobsupport has the highest job placement and job retention rates for job seekers with intellectual disability in Australia. Eighty one percent of job placements last for at least 52 weeks (much higher than the national average of 49%), and 83% of clients get a job (almost twice the national average of 45%).

The average job tenure of Jobsupport clients is 7.4 years

Jobsupport achieved the highest outcome rates for Transition to Work Services in NSW with 62.5% achieving open employment compared to the NSW average of 26.3%

Jobsupport was responsible for 37.5% (331) of all open employment outcomes for school leavers entering Transition to Work in NSW from 2004 to 2013

Jobsupport conducts independent phone surveys annually with our clients and employers. These consistently show very high levels of satisfaction from our clients, their advocates and employers.

Across Australia, 72% of people with a moderate intellectual disability who achieve 26-week open employment outcome in a job of 15 or more hours per week, do so through Jobsupport.